Factoría is Henneo’s audiovisual division. It offers services which encompass the whole value chain of the audiovisual business: outsourcing of technical services, technological development and integration, and the production of fiction, entertainment and news content.

With over 600 professionals, it is one of the leading Spanish companies in the sector, with activities in national, regional and local television, in addition to companies and institutions.

Specialists in:

News, Live Broadcasts and Sports

News and sports items, magazines, live events, etc.

Sports magazines

Coverage of sporting events (football, basketball, indoor football, volleyball, etc.)

Entertainment and Documentaries

Quiz shows, talk shows, realities, etc.


Various Television Academy awards

Technical Resources

Technical broadcast media resources (ENGs, DSNGs, KA Band, 4G Backpacks

In-house streaming technology (VMS, edition, MoJo Kits, etc.)

Camera operator service

Operation and Maintenance

Systems administration

Operation of studio equipment


Continuity, central control, content management

Mobile units

Outdoor services

With proven experience:


Since 2010, Factoría has grown by 112%, and is today a leading national production company, with branches in Zaragoza, Madrid, Mérida, Oviedo and Toledo.

Creativity and flexibility

Factoría offers creative, modern and flexible solutions, solutions which have an impact and motivate. Original solutions with a personal touch.

Constant Innovation

Factoría has its own digital audiovisual technology, which reduces costs and infrastructure required and improves flexibility and capacity for media and corporate communications projects.

Specialists in:


Local digital production, adapted to the latest equipment, formats, technology and presentations.


Own platform for management, hosting, broadcast and publication in internet and social networks.


Management of low demand and live video with optimum quality and efficiency.

Video Web Servicies

Bespoke design and development of Web TV. Audiovisual solutions for the different CMS.

With proven experience: