IMPRESA NORTE is the business division at HENNEO that is dedicated to the development, printing and handling of different products; under the brand HENNEO PRINTING SERVICES, it acts as a global printing services supplier, offering comprehensive printing solutions for the design and development of editorial products and publications, large formats and graphic arts: daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly publications, magazines, catalogues, leaflets, flyers, vinyl supports, display stands, tarpaulins, posters, canvas, graphic material, etc.

In all HENNEO PRINTING SERVICES solutions, both digital and commercial heatset and coldset rotary printing, we work on the whole process and can therefore ensure maximum control over quality and be competitive in the market.

Furthermore, this brand’s differential value is characterised by constant innovation, and the use of cutting-edge printing technology, in addition to offering an integral solution: from development, through printing, handling and distribution, to sales and marketing.

In our commitment to the environment, our plant was the first newspaper printing plant in Spain to receive ISO 14001/2004 certification, in 2005, recently updated to the 2015 version.

Our brand is borne out by our clients, who include major national, regional and local newspapers, as well as publishers of magazines and advertising brochures for large department stores and smaller retail centres, and a 125-year track record in the world of graphic design.

IMPRENTA ONLINE, the largest online printing service in Spain.

Leader in Spain and Latin America in traffic.

An online platform with an intuitive interface and personalised customer service, and customisation for a wide variety of products.


DASA is the HENNEO company which specialises in distribution and logistics. Over 1,000 points of sale rely on their work. Along 160 routes, and clocking up over 15,000 kilometres per day, DASA has them covered 362 days a year.

On the publishing side, it undertakes the distribution of all the press in Aragon and Soria. It is also a leading distributor of stationery, school materials, toys, office supplies, etc., with over 44 years’ experience.

A global operator, which leads in the point-to-point distribution service for the sectors of power supply, industrial sanitation, risk prevention, spare parts for the automotive industry, pharmaceutical product distribution at controlled temperatures, bank transport bags, foodstuffs, etc.

Every year, DASA delivers over 30 million items. Its most outstanding assets are quality, dedication, and effort.